35W Universal AC Digital 12V 24V HID Xenon Quick Start Ballast (Pack of 1)

35W Universal AC Digital 12V 24V HID Xenon Quick Start Ballast (Pack of 1)

Brand: ProGear Tech Performance
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The ProGear Tech Sliver series ballasts are designed for replacing your existing damaged or worn out ballast. Packaged into a more retrofit-friendly design, it features countless protective measures and technologies derived from the most popular OEM benchmarks. The WIDE range technology applied makes it ideal for both 12V and 24V vehicle as well as outdoor HID lighting. Their die-cast aluminum shell houses a silicon potted circuit board; eliminating any chance of moisture damage. Power hungry ballasts never work well with automotive electrical systems, but the X series ballast(35W) consume < 6A on cold ignition without compromising their reasonably quick warm up speed. That's much less than other competitors. Let's not forget the 2-year warranty. The ballast is designed to run for at least 10000 hours and there's not much that will stand in their way. As good as they are; even arrogant retrofitters may start second-guessing those bulky, power hungry, exposed-to-the-elements, OE ballasts.

Sealed Heavy Duty circuit board; Longer lifespan

•  High quality silicon sealed circuit board.

•  100% Water proof, excellent vibration resistance.

•  High heat and cold resistance.

•  Protected from thermal shock.

•  Protected from moisture corrosive materials.

•  Longer lifespan( 3 x longer than cheap products).



Package included:

1. One(1) x 35W HID Xenon AC digital ballast;

    •  Input voltage:  9-32V;

    •  compatible all 12V and 24V vehicles;

**Not for vehicles equipped with CANBUS.

2. Mounting rack;

3. Secure Carton Box packing;

4. 2-year warranty.



•  Real 35W AC digital circuit board (Japan technology).

•  Size: 7.3 x 8.6 x 3.1 cm

•  Low ignition voltage: cold light up:  < 6A;

•  Warm light up: < 4A; Stable working: 3.2A;

•  Fast light up in cold weather.

•  Voltage protection: when voltage less than 9V or >32V, ballast will

    stop working in order to avoid HID Xenon bulb burnout;

•  Short-circuit protection: < 1s,

•  Instant power cut-off protection when accident happens: < 1s;

•  Constant voltage supply, stable bulb color and no flickering;

•  Bulb voltage monitoring; Optimizing bulb's working parameter,

•  No flickering at ignition.

•  Operation Temperature: -40o ~ +105o

•  Power cord: 38 cm,

•  Certificate: DOT, TUV, ISO9001:2000, CE E11-Certificate

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