ProGear Tech Heavy Duty D3S D3R 6000K Daylight White HID Xenon Headlight Replacement Bulbs (Pack of 2)

ProGear Tech Heavy Duty D3S D3R 6000K Daylight White HID Xenon Headlight Replacement Bulbs (Pack of 2)

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ProGear Tech Performance D3S D3R HID Xenon headlight replacement bulbs

Heavy Duty ProGear Tech Performance D3S D3R HID Xenon headlight replacement bulbs


ProGear Tech Performance D1S D1R D3S D3R HID Xenon headlight replacement bulbs installation guide


JP-ProGear HID Xenon D3S replacement bulbs are the best choice for consumers when comparing quality & pricing.

We conform OEM practices, our bulbs 100% no mercury and require less energy to turn on! Germany-sourced Non-Mercury A Grade Diamond Shaped Quartz Arc UV-Stop burner with metal stents capsule provides perfect projection of light. The quartz sealed electrode help keep the bulbs running brighter for longer, provides strong ageing resistance than other aftermarket retrofits. JP-ProGear D3S Xenon bulb follows OEM specification standard on working current so perfectly match for any OEM igniters without error. Installation is a breeze, with the OEM fitment Plug and Play connectors and simply follow installation guide included in every box and you'll understand how easy our Plug and Play works. Let's not forget the 2-year warranty. All our kits go through our rigid Quality Assurance test to ensure they are fit for sale. Our bulb is designed to run for at least 5000 hours and there's not much that will stand in their way.

35W D3S HID Xenon replacement bulbs, 100% compatible all D3s sockets, Genuine non-mercury

Please note these replacement bulbs are fit for vehicles come with factory D3S Xenon headlights only. It won’t fit if vehicles come with other headlights (same model always have halogen/D1S/D1R/d4s/d4r/D2S/D2R headlight versions).

Please note the appearance of D3S and D1S are same but they are non-compatible at all.


Package includes:

Two(2)  x D3S HID Xenon replacement bulbs

(no modification direct replacement for all factory D3S)

Color Temperature: 4300K

2-year warranty

Box packing


If you not sure the fitment, please refer your  "Car Manual" or Bulbs Model Guide here

Light Characteristic and Performance

3000K Golden Yellow: The strongest penetration (preferred on motorcycle or fog-light)

4300K OEM Yellow: Good penetration in rainy and foggy days (Mostly on OEM settings)

6000K: Most brighten white shine: Close to sunlight and comfortable to eyes

8000K: Snow white color: Exotic, luxurious look.

10000K: White color with tiny Blue projection: Exotic, more luxurious.

12000K: White color with obviously Blue projection: Very cool outlook.



ProGear Tech  HID Xenon headlight replacement bulbs color



Our featured bulbs:

• High quality Quartz ArcTM  UV-Stop Burner

• Genuine Non-Mercury

Plug and Play replacement and upgrade

40% less power consumption than halogen bulbs

 5 times light intensity than halogen Light bulbs

TUV, E4, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2000

Great price but High quality as expensive OEM bulbs.

**100% fit all D3S/D3R factory sockets, money back guarantee**

ProGear Tech  HID Xenon headlight replacement bulbs


Product Datasheet:

Type:                          D3S

Technology:               High Intensity Discharge

Finishing:                   Quartz ArcTM  UV-StopTM coating

Voltage:                     42V

Base:                         PK32d-5

Normal wattage:        35W(OEM standard)

Application:                Low beams

                                  High beams

Lifespan:                    B3/Tc = 5000h/10000h

Lux:                            40500

 These D3S replacement bulbs are perfect for the consumer who is looking for a better lighting output and a more aggressive look for their rides.


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