BMW 120W CREE LED Angel Eyes DRL 7000K E81 E82 E87 E88 M3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Z4

BMW 120W CREE LED Angel Eyes DRL 7000K E81 E82 E87 E88 M3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Z4

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ProGear Tech LED Angel Eyes/DRL light bulb is the best choice for consumers when comparing quality & pricing. The CREE LED with True White technology provides 7000K true white perfect lighting output and aggressive look for BMW’s vehicles. 120W-design out 4500 lm and 70% lm after 5000 used. Their die-cast aluminum shell with heat-sink provides efficient cooling mechanism that is crucial for lumen maintenance and reliability. Water proof, shock proof, excellent vibration resistance, instant light up those make it stand out from other retrofits. ProGear Tech LED bulb has an integrated error canceler and follows OEM standard on working current so perfectly match, making them compatible with BMW vehicles without any EXTRA gear required to cancel "lamp out" errors. The OEM-stylish Plug-N-Play connectors are completely self-sealing, removing the need for stripping wires and the guess-work out of installation because connectors are keyed to plug in the correct way. Let's not forget the 2-year warranty. All our kits go through our rigid Quality Assurance test to ensure they are fit for sale. Our bulb is designed to run for at least 5000 hours and there's not much that will stand in their way.


High power 4500lm CREE LED Angel eyes/drl light bulbs, plug and play, 100% no obc error. money back guarantee.

application: bmw  E81 E82 E87 E88 E90(M3) E90-LCI E91-LCI E92 E93 E60(M5) E60-LCI E61-LCI E63 E64 E63-LCI E64-LCI F01 F02 F03 F04 E84 E70 E70-LCI E71 E72 Z4


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Package included:

1. Two(2) x 60W CREE LED Angel Eye/DRL Light Bulbs;

    •  Output 4500 lm (CREE certified) ;

    •  Bulb size: H8

    •  Color Temperature: 7000K true white ultra bright, less than  

       7000K is natural color or day light white only!

2. Two(2) x decoders and High-end Inverters;

3. 2 years warranty. Supreme Quality

5. Free shipping

Our products USE CREE LEDs.

What is CREE LED   

CREE is the market-leading LED manufacturer in US. CREE Web page





Compatible BMW Parts no.:  63217160782/07119906503


•  BMW OEM Parts no.: 63217160782/07119906503

•  BMW 1 series: 118, 120, 123, 125, 128,135

   **E81 2006/2 - 2011/12;  E82 2006/11 - 2013/10

   **E87 LCI 2006/1 - 2011/6;  E88 2006/11 - 2013/10

•  BMW 3 series: 316, 318, 320, 323, 325, 328, 330, 335, M3

    **E90(M3) 2007/1  - 2008/7;

    **E90 LCI  2007/07 - 2012/02 (with factory HID Xenon headlights)

    **E91 LCI  2007/07 - 2012/02 (with factory HID Xenon headlights)

    **E92  2005/5 - 2010/2;  E92 LCI 2008/11 - 2013/6

   **E93  2005/9 - 2010/2;  E93 LCI 2008/11 - 2013/10

•  BMW 5 series: 520, 523, 525, 530, 535, 540, 545, 550

   **E60(M5) 2008 up;

   **E60 LCI (with HID Xenon headlights) 2005/10 - 2009/12

   **E61 LCI (with HID Xenon headlights) 2005/11 - 2010/5

•  BMW 6 series: 630, 635, 645, 650

   **E63/M6 2002/5 - 2010/7;  E64/M6 2002/9-2010/7; 

   **E63 LCI 2006/4 - 2010/7;  E64 LCI 2006/4-2010/7

•  BMW 7 series: 730, 740, 750, 760

   **F01 2007/6 - 2012/6; F02 2007/7 - 2012/6

   **F03 2008/4 - 2012/5;  F04 Hyb 2008/10 - 2012/6

•  X1 : E84 2008-2013 with HID Xenon headlights

•  X5: for models with HID Xenon headlights only

   **E70 (with HID Xenon headlights) 2006/2 - 2013/6;

   **E70 LCI (with HID Xenon headlights) 2009/4 - 2013/6;

•  BMW X6: 30, 35, 40, 50

   **E71 2007/1 - 2014/6; E72 Hyb 2008/10 - 2011/10

•  Z4 E89 2008/1 - 2015/9

The compatibility list may not be exhausted. If you not sure bulb fitment, please refer "Car Manual" or Bulbs Model Guide here 



•  Genuine CREE true white technology

•  High brightness, 72W-design output 4500 lm (CREE certified)

   We won't say it is 5000 or 6000 lm, just tell the truth that is  

   certified by CREE

•  After 5000 hours at 70% lm (CREE certified)

•  5 times brightest than OEM halogen bulb (CREE certified)

•  2 times longer lifespan than cheap product (CREE certified)

•  Low power consumption and more energy efficient <2A

•  High-end inverter with Protective Thermal Control. (CE RoHS)

•  Plug & Play, direct OEM replacement for those yellowish bulbs

•  Full aluminum case with heatsink, high heat and cold resistance

•  Water proof, Shock proof, excellent vibration resistance

•  Instant light up in cold weather

•  No dashboard, bulb-out error,  No interference to FM radio

•  No CANBUS Reprogramming Needed

•  DOT, TUV, ISO9001:2000, CE E11-Certificate






Plug and Play QuickSnapTM connectors 


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