55W H8/H9/H11(they are same) Heavy Duty Fast Bright AC Digital HID Xenon Conversion Kit Germany Technology

55W H8/H9/H11(they are same) Heavy Duty Fast Bright AC Digital HID Xenon Conversion Kit Germany Technology

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JP-ProGear 55W AC HID Conversion Kits are the best choice for consumers when comparing quality & pricing. It features countless protective measures and technologies derived from the most popular OEM benchmarks. The slim (16 mm) die-cast aluminum shell body can fit anywhere under the hood, silicon sealed circuit board; eliminating any chance of moisture damage. Quartz ArcTM UV-StopTM A grade burner which provides perfect projection of light. Installation is a breeze, with the OEM fitment Plug and Play connectors and simply follow installation guide included in every box and you'll understand how easy our Plug and Play works. Let's not forget the 2-year warranty. The kit is designed to run for at least 5000 hours and there's not much that will stand in their way.


Package included:

1. Two(2) x 55W HID bulbs

2. Two(2) AC Digital 55W Slim Ballasts.

3. Installation manual and Warranty Card

4. Secure Carton Box packing

5. 12-Month warranty


Ballasts features:

55W Slim AC Digital Ballasts

Size: 7.6 x 7 x 1.6 cm

Power cord: 24 cm

Bulb cord: 43 cm

Low ignition voltage: cold light up:  < 6A.

Warm light up: < 5.2A; Stable working: 4.4A.

Voltage protection: when less than 9V, ballast will stop working in order to avoid HID bulb burnout.

Short-circuit protection: less than 1s.

Constant voltage supply.

Bulb voltage monitoring; Optimizing bulb's working parameter.

High performance of insulation, waterproof and quake-proof.

Certificate: TUV, ISO, DOT, CE, E11.


Bulbs features:

  55W High quality Germany Quartz ArcTM UV-StopTM  Burner

  Plug and Play installation and upgrade

  40% less power consumption than OEM halogen bulbs

  5 times light intensity than OEM halogen Light bulbs

• Lifespan: 5000 hrs (3 times longer over cheap product)

If you not sure bulb fitment, please refer car's "Owner Manual" or Bulbs Model Guide here

Bulb color choices?

The value of color temperature is purely a scale to measure the color of the light. The higher the color temperature (degrees K) doesn't mean a higher light intensity (lumen). The reality is the higher up the K value the lamps are the less bright they become. The brightest shine are 4300K, 6000K and 8000K, amid 6000K is close to the sunlight and most comfortable to our eyes, also benefiting for the safe driving.


Light Characteristic and Performance

3000K Golden Yellow: The strongest penetration (preferred on motorcycle or fog-light)

4300K OEM Yellow: Good penetration in rainy and foggy days (Mostly on OEM settings)

6000K: Most brighten white shine: Close to sunlight and comfortable to eyes

8000K: Snow white color: Exotic, more luxurious look.

10000K: White color with tiny Blue projection: Exotic, more luxurious look.

12000K: White color with obviously Blue projection: Very cool outlook.


These HID conversion kits are perfect for consumers looking for a better lighting output and a more aggressive look for their rides.

We are HID specialist. Let see our performance

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