D4S D4R HID Bulbs

Our featured D4S/D4R HID Xenon Bulbs

Our D4S HID Xenon replacement bulbs are the best choice for consumers when comparing quality & pricing. Germany-sourced A Grade Diamond Shaped Quartz Arc UV-Stop burner with metal stents capsule provides perfect alignment and projection angle of lights. The quartz sealed electrode help keep the bulbs running brighter for longer, provides strong aging resistance than cheap products. Our D4S Xenon bulb follows OEM specification standard of 42V working current so perfectly match with any OEM D4 igniters without error. Installation is a breeze, with the OEM-style Plug and Play connectors and simply follow installation guide included in every box and you'll understand how easy Plug and Play replacement. Let's not forget the 2-year warranty, all our kits go through our rigid Quality Assurance test to ensure they are fit for sale. Our bulb is designed to run for at least 5000 hours. Please note these replacement bulbs are work for vehicles come with factory D4S/D4R HID Xenon headlamps only (same model may have halogen or other headlamps and won't fit).

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