55W CANBUS AC HID Conversion Kits

What is CANBUS AC HID Conversion kits

Most European vehicles are equipped with CANBUS lighting systems to monitor bulb working. When upgrading it with Non-CANBUS HID light, it will result in an OBC error message, flashing problem or no power being delivered, NOT WORKING at all.


AC stands Alternative current. Everyone is looking for the best possible deal these days. But most customers don’t understand that there are more differences in HID ballasts than the price. Processing safety is commonly held back. Most sellers are selling DC output ballasts at low prices to win the buyers without considering and informing them the possible dangers. However, most consumers will never know what they are getting is an inferior product that would never be used by OEM manufactures!


Please note, some cars may have adaptor between the globe and the latch. In such, you need to modify the adaptor or replace it with a designed HID bulb adaptor. However, our kit doesn’t include bulb adaptor for such installation. You may inspect how the bulb is held in place so that you will know what you may need that properly holding the bulb in position.

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