HID Conversion Kits

What is HID Conversion kits?  
HID Conversion Kits also know as HID Kits or Xenon Lights are plug and play kits designed to replace your factory halogen bulbs with HID Lights. HID Kits provide 4 times more light output compared to stock halogen bulbs that are currently equipped in your car. Each HID Kit comes with two HID Ballasts and two HID Bulbs.


What is Color Temperature of HID Bulbs?

Color temperature is purely a scale to measure the color of the light. The higher the value (degrees K) doesn't mean a higher light intensity. The reality is the higher up the K value the lamps are the less bright they become. The brightest shines are 4300K, 6000K and 8000K, amid 6000K is close to the sunlight and most comfortable to our eyes.


What is AC HID Conversion kits

AC stands Alternative current. Everyone is looking for the best possible deal these days. But most customers don’t understand that there are more differences in HID ballasts than the price. Processing safety is commonly held back. Most sellers are selling DC output ballasts at low prices to win the buyers without considering and informing them the possible dangers. However, most consumers will never know what they are getting is an inferior product that would never be used by OEM manufactures!


What is CANBUS compatible HID Kit?

Most European vehicles are equipped with CANBUS lighting systems to monitor bulb working. When upgrading it with Non-CANBUS HID light, it will result in an OBC error message, flashing problem or no power being delivered, NOT WORKING at all.

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